Phoenix AC Repair

In the Phoenix desert, having a functioning A/C unit is critical. With temperatures going over 110° in the summer months, a home without A/C can become extremely uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for pets, children and the elderly. That’s why 72 Degrees will respond quickly to your needs and get a technician out fast, often in the same day, so you can sleep cool and easy.

The weather in the Phoenix desert is not a friend to your A/C. Most air conditioning units are manufactured to function in outside temperatures up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and to keep your home about 20 degrees cooler inside than the outside temperature. Here in Phoenix, our summers can get up to 120 degrees! When temperatures go over 100, your cooling system begins becomes progressively more inefficient, using increased amounts of energy as the system attempts to cool your home, and the mechanical parts of the unit begin to malfunction.

These kinds of extreme heat conditions result in an A/C unit that constantly runs in an attempt to bring down the interior temperatures of your home. The air filters within the inside unit filter more dust and debris, clogging more quickly than normal. The fan on the exterior unit accumulates debris faster as it constantly revolves. Be sure to replace the inside filter at least once a month. Turn off the unit, and clean exterior fans with a long-handled brush. These things can help to extend the life of your air conditioning unit and stave off any A/C repairs.

72 Degrees is a full service A/C repair contracting company and there is no Phoenix A/C problem we can’t solve through repair or replacement. Please give us a call today to schedule service for A/C repair or schedule an appointment to discuss the most efficient new A/C systems for your home or business

What Our Clients Say

He was very prompt, courteous, and did a great job.

Very honest, trustworthy serviceman. no unnecessary pressure.