Phoenix A/C Replacement

All Phoenix air conditioning replacement by 72 Degrees is done by licensed air conditioning contractors who will help you select the best new unit for your home. As your air conditioner gets older there comes a point where repair and maintenance costs become disproportionate and you will actually save money by purchasing a new unit.

There are a number of warning signs that will pop up to let you know it’s time for a complete HVAC overhaul:

  • Frequent repairs – One of the most obvious signs that it’s time for an A/C replacement is the need for constant repairs, especially when those repairs get progressively more expensive.

  • Temperature inconsistencies – Temperature inconsistencies in your home is another sign that it may be time for A/C replacement. If there are rooms in your home that can’t stay cool while you have rooms that are releasing too much air, you may have one of three problems; air conditioner malfunction, poor insulation, or issues with the duct work.

  • The age of your HVAC – The most common reason that people need air conditioner repair happens to also be one of the simplest, age. The average A/C unit in America lasts 15-20 years, but in desert climates such as Phoenix, the life span is on the low end of that scale. Once your AC turns 10, you should start thinking about and planning for A/C replacement. Replacing an aging and worn-out air conditioner can actually have a number of benefits including increased energy efficiency (resulting in lower electric bills), improved indoor air quality, and reduced carbon emissions.

HVAC equipment is very complex and requires special training to replace and install, so while some people may try to handle A/C replacement on their own without hiring a professional, it’s often not a good idea. We recommend hiring a professional who is licensed and insured to protect you. At 72 Degrees we have the skill and experience required to keep your family safe by providing the best A/C replacement service available.

One of the best things about new units is their efficiency which saves you money on electricity and helps to preserve the environment. Depending on the age of your existing air conditioner a new one could be up to 40% more efficient according to

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He was very prompt, courteous, and did a great job.

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